The latest on-pack promotional campaign for Mexico’s ‘king of chocolate’ has turned to gold using Supastrip VDP tear tape from packaging solutions provider Payne.

The variable data printed tear tape was used to promote the unique codes at the point of opening, along with the SMS and online entry details, inside more than 60 million Nestlé Carlos V© bars, as part of the ‘Midas Touch’ promotion featuring the brand’s famous King Carlos character.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers registered email or mobile phone details during the high profile three-month promotion, allowing Nestlé to build a hugely valuable consumer database for future marketing and promotions.

To match the theme and provide an easy-to-read visual contrast, the codes were clearly printed with black text on an attractive gold-coloured 4mm tape.  Because the codes were only visible after opening the pack, this further helped bring a heightened sense of excitement and anticipation to the consumer.

Supastrip VDP is simple to apply. Five different Carlos V© SKUs and three different pack sizes were included and the tapes were applied without affecting production line speeds. Payne provided the database of codes, tailored to allow Nestlé to track sales of individual SKUs.

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