You can now take part in Babease Sweet Enough social media campaign. 

Founded on the principle that baby food should be veg-led with no hidden nasties, Babease are taking a stand to say food for babies doesn’t need added sugar. Your baby is already sweet enough.

The campaign was inspired by Action on Sugar’s research which investigated the sugar content of food meant for babies and toddlers. The results were very alarming, with only six of the products analysed being found to have a green label-worthy amount of sugar in them. 

Registered Nutritionist for Babease, Catherine Lippe, says: “There is certainly a need for the food industry to take responsibility in providing accurate and transparent messaging to parents, and I am delighted that this has always been a core value for Babease. Exposing babies to vegetables and savoury flavours from the very beginning can improve the acceptance of new foods later on and provides a range of nutrients your baby needs as they grow.”

The campaign is taking place across social media encouraging parents to post the sweetest picture they have of their child, while using the hashtag #MyBabeaseSweetEnough. 

Katie Wood, Marketing Manager at Babease added: “We are saddened to see that baby food brands continue to mislead new parents at a time when they may need us the most. Here at Babease, we’re all about ensuring that our food for babies contains as little sugar as possible – our products have no added sugar and are packed with veggies – prioritising nutritious vegetables over sweeter fruit tastes.” 

To take part and raise awareness about the hidden sugars in baby foods, take a snap of your super sweet little one and share it to Instagram with the hashtag #MyBabeaseSweetEnough and you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win a weaning bundle (full of low sugar, veggie goodness, of course!)

To find out more about the campaign, visit: 

Full details and T&C’s can be found on the Babease website.