Smoking food is enjoying a resurgence at the moment and The Cheese Warehouse, always at the forefront of food trends , has developed an innovative range of natural smoked cheeses, to satisfy the increased consumer interest in smoked cheese over the last 12 months.

Bring an entirely new flavour dimension to cooking…

The cheeses are slowly naturally smoked over hickory, oak or fruit wood chips to add an extra layer of flavour. Although originally the process was developed as a way to cure and preserve cheeses, food smoking is a cooking technique which is undergoing a massive foodie revival!

We chose the right wood to make the perfect smoke…


What are the woods?

Hickory -the King of smoking woods, gives a sweet to strong, smoked flavour.

Cherry has a sweet, mild flavour that goes great with virtually everything..

Oak is strong but not overpowering and is a very good wood when cooking with beef or lamb. Apple is subtler in flavour, gives the cheese a sweetness and imparts a fruity smoked flavour.


What are the cheeses?

Gruyere ; the sweet and nutty flavours of our Gruyere cheese work fantastically with the smoked flavours.

Cheddar; has a full smoky flavour and aroma which complements the nuttiness of the cheddar.

Provolone A flavourful, well-rounded Italian-style cheese which will enhance many dishes with an Umami richness .

Monterey Jack ; the natural hardwood smoking process deepens and enriches the flavour of this mild and creamy cheese.


Because our smoked cheeses are natural not extruded, they can be supplied in the most convenient format to meet your requirements. Therefore, as well as block, we can supply in grated, diced, cubed, crumbled or sliced format to suit all usage occasions.

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