Independent wine makers and vineyard owners often find themselves in need of shorter-run, full-colour wine labels either for seasonal wine products or because they run small vineyards with only a few hundred bottles a year. Further to that more and more wine makers offer the service of personalized wine bottles, meaning that companies or private people can either attend a grape harvest as part of an event and later receive a bottle with a label that shows their name and the harvest date. Or customers can select from a series of wines and order these bottles with individual wine labels. Just think of a special wedding wine that shows the bride and groom and their wedding date or a so-called “anniversary wine” when a company celebrates its 25 years of successful business. What a fantastic gift to partners and customers when the label is designed in the colours of the company and contains the company logo as well. There are so many applications for short production runs, which still need to be cost-effective.

In all of these cases, the printed quality and appearance of these labels are extremely important. Providing a professional appearance on wine bottles can easily make the difference between success and failure of private wine bottle labelling.

A printer that enables manufacturers to print individual full-colour wine labels is the LX900e Color Label Printer by Primera Technology. The LX900e is Primera’s fastest inkjet colour label printer. It produces labels at speeds of up to 4.5” per second and is priced at € 2295 (£ 2000). Separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black keep operating costs low since only one colour at a time needs to be replaced. The semi-permanent print head utilises all-new technology to produce razor-sharp text, brilliant graphics and photo-realistic printing.

With the included label design software everyone can design labels that feature holiday themes and include all necessary information such as nutrition facts, ingredients, barcode etc. Product personalisation is also possible. As the software is intuitive and user-friendly, winemakers can easily create their own label.

At the London International Wine Fair Primera Technology is showing to all interested visitors and exhibitors how easy it is to design and produce gorgeous and individual wine labels. The company is located at stand # S2.


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