WOW Micro Leaf, the living micro leaf brand from VHB, has launched innovative new packaging which extends the shelf life of its micro herbs and provides added value and convenience for chefs.

All of the micro leaves are living which delivers optimum freshness. The new packaging, which is a UK first, temporarily slows the growth of the micro leaves which extends the shelf life and helps the product to stay fresh and full of flavour for even longer.

The product comes in new convenient pull out boxes which can be easily stacked in the fridge to help save space. The low sided punnet is designed to make the leaves easy to snip and use, reducing handling. The boxes are conveniently labelled at the end, making it easier and quicker to identify each variety while in the fridge.

The micro leaves are grown in Britain all year round. The range consists of five products which are all grown in a soil free medium:

* Peashoots

* Rocket

* Garlic Chive

* Red Amaranth

* Purple Shiso

* A mixed box containing Purple Shiso, Red Amaranth, Rocket and Watercress

Available through Compass Group UK & Ireland. For enquiries please contact VHB: Tel: 01243 819500