A new addition has been made to the Schroeder IMAX range of injectors with the IMAX IT, featuring a built-in weighing system which provides continuous measurement and automatic regulation of the injection rate.

The injection process is crucial in producing quality cooked meats.  Schroeder machines guarantee consistent brine distribution but accurate injection percentage is equally important. This has lead to the development of a new system by Schroeder’s in-house R&D team, now installed in their IMAX IT injector.

The current trend is towards low injected/low salt products so regular monitoring is common practice, albeit as a manual operation. Small samples are weighed, injected and then re-weighed at regular intervals to check brine pick-up.

Existing weighing systems are available which utilise independent scales upstream and downstream of the injector but these only record the weight of large batches.  Some permanent continuous scales just give the weight at a specific position and any adjustment of pressure or speed must be done manually.

The IMAX IT is available in the UK and Ireland from food technology and ingredients specialists Interfood. James Radcliffe, Product Manager of Interfood’s Systems Division, comments “The machine uses specially selected scales that have not previously been employed in the meat industry in this form. The cells are very durable and completely enclosed in a stainless steel block, so conform to the exacting hygiene standards our customers have come to expect

from Schroeder.”

Telephone: 01844 217676 www.interfoodtechnology.com


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