Munters IceDry reduces ice at Kitchen Range Foods for a cleaner, safer cold store

Kitchen Range Foods had suffered from a common problem experienced by many frozen and chilled food manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and cold store operators – Humidity. Issues associated with high humidity are often accepted as the norm within the industry with ice, frost, snow and condensation a familiar sight in these very cold environments.

Munters solution for Kitchen Range Foods was to install a Munters IceDry MLT1400 desiccant dehumidifier inside the cold store. Specially designed to withstand the -25 degree C temperatures, Munters IceDry is installed near the door inside the cold store for maximum efficiency.

Andy Gordon of Kitchen Range Foods says: “The condition of the cold store has greatly improved and we are now snow and ice free for the first time in many years. We no longer have issues with the refrigeration equipment icing and blocking up, and the cold store is now the best it’s ever been for excessive ice and snow build up.”

This significant improvement in conditions means that the cold store is much safer for staff. Keeping evaporators free of ice has resulted in a more efficient refrigeration system and Kitchen Range Foods have been able to reduce their daily defrosts from three per day down to two per day.


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