“I’m not eating that, it looks wrong! They’ve obviously changed something; please don’t buy that brand again”.

Who is the first to know, within your own company, when the colour of your product fails to meet the visual expectations of the consumer?

Possibly your Financial Director, weeks later when the drop in sales he initially hoped was a ‘blip’ is now ominously looking like a worrying downward spiral? Preferably one of your QC team who has detected, BEFORE the product has left for the supermarket, that this particular batch is out of tolerance for colour against the agreed visual standard?

Consumers Eat with their Eyes

Sight is undoubtedly one of the first of our various sensory inputs to influence consumer selection but obviously the consumer is unable to assess the colour of most food products until they are at home, armed with the tin opener or when opening the package. This is the time, if you’ve got the colour wrong, when the integrity of your brand is challenged with financially damaging consequences. Maybe the sauce in a can of baked beans ‘looks pale compared to normal’ or the perception of a lack of visible ‘chunky bits’ in a strawberry yogurt will entice your customer to seek something ‘more fruity’ elsewhere.
Controlling Colour with the DigiEye System

DigiEye is a non-contact, digital colour measurement and imaging system with many proven applications for an exceptionally extensive range of foods and ingredients.

Applications to date include: Quality Control, Photographic Standards, Tolerance Management, Visual Inspection, Product Research & Development, Laboratory Analysis, Instrumental Measurement, Multi-Sample Evaluation, Colour Stability Analysis plus Post-Harvest Storage & Shelf Life Assessment Trials.
To pre-book a demonstration of DigiEye on Stand O321 at Foodex, measuring the colour and appearance of your own product, contact Russell Thorpe (0116 2847790 Ext 212 /[email protected]).