New for Foodex 2012 from ACO Building Drainage will be a range of advanced hygienic stainless steel gullies.

Developed specifically for use in a wide range of hygiene critical food processing, dairy and commercial catering operations, the new gullies are part of ACO’s extensive range of standard and custom built building drainage products, offering hygienic, corrosion resistant, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solutions that are easy to install and maintain.

The new stainless steel ACO Gully range is designed and manufactured to the latest European hygienic standards, using high quality austenitic stainless steel grades 304 and 316 fully pickle passivated to optimise corrosion resistance. To maximise their hygienic properties, each gully unit has been developed to ensure the best possible flow characteristics, with rounded internal corners, smooth welds and continuously welded butt joints to minimise bacteria traps.

The new ACO stainless steel Gully range is available in a number of versions, which offer different flow rates, grating designs, sizes and spigot outlet diameters, making them ideal for use in food and beverage processing and production operations.

ACO will also be using Foodex to showcase its extensive range of modular stainless steel and hygienic drainage channels, including the proven Modular 125 range, ACO Pipe® and ancillary products. Additionally, the company will be promoting its bespoke manufacturing services, which can help architects, installers and end-users improve the efficiency and functionality of their building and process operations, while minimising both build and maintenance costs.

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