Brisbane is definitely worthy of having the title of being capital of the “sunshine state” because quite simply temperatures can be blisteringly hot and at its peak can reach a high of 30 degrees.
When you’re not melting away in the sun Brisbane has plenty of things on offer. It may not be the biggest city compared to Melbourne and Sydney or have the same appeal but it is rapidly catching up and becoming bigger and better.
Places such as Southbank have the bars, restaurants and night life, the river stage hosts numerous gigs throughout the year and Eat Street- a gigantic food hub- serves some of the tastiest street food around.
Not only is there Brisbane to explore but just an hours drive away there is the Gold Coast down south and the Sunshine Coast up north. The Gold Coast is famous for its golden, sandy beaches, theme parks and party lifestyle, whilst the Sunshine Coast is more for those wanting to relax and let time slowly go by.


Places To Eat

Brisbane is catching up with the rest of world with its food trends. A lot more restaurants, pop ups and stalls are starting to appear and produce fantastic food for everyone.
Il Centro
For a touch of class and sophistication, Il Centro is a must. A very highly regarded and recommended Italian restaurant situated right by the river, it is just perfect for those warm summer evenings. The view of the river is just the start of the experience but when it comes down to the food your eyes wont be looking anywhere else. It’s simple, fresh and bloody tasty. Having fresh seafood, especially when you’re by the sea is a no brainer. Juicy king prawns for starters dressed in a simple baby caper and chilli dressing is heavenly and their specials are just as enticing – meaty and succulent sea bream with a crisp skin on a bed of angel hair coated in a chorizo and corn salsa. Very rarely do I have a sweet tooth but their tiramisu is smooth and velvety.


King Prawns, Caper and Chilli Dressing

Sea Bream, Angel Hair, Chorizo & Corn Salsa



Eagle Street Pier, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane Q 4000

Lord of the Wings

These peeps seriously have wing game and to call themselves Lord of the Wings is bold but they seriously have the one wing to rule them all in Queensland. With a series of marinades to please all with different spice levels, this gang win on all levels. Their chicken is moist, crispy and its doused in so much sauce you could almost shower yourself in it. Get stuck in, get messy because their chicken alongside a good dip will make your mouths drool. Also a shout out to their poutine. Again it’s drenched in thick dark gravy and covered with a shed load of cheese. One does not simply rock up to this place alone. Get stuck in my friends.


Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese Dip


Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre, Ground Level, Shop 1201a

Burger Time 69

Burger time 69 is a place that you have to carefully spot as its not the biggest of joints and can be easily missed. Located along the main strip of Bulimba, the boys of Burger Time 69 take their burgers to a whole new level. Surprisingly I didn’t have the conventional burger with all the different fillings on offer but instead went for their Philly cheese steak crammed with lots and lots of meat and cheese in a soft buttery brioche roll, garnished with spring onions. A side of crispy halloumi fries and loaded bacon and cheese fries should not go a miss.

Philly Cheese Steak

Halloumi Fries

Loaded fries

190 Oxford Street, Bulimba, Brisbane

The Rabbit Hole Café

The Rabbit Hole Café is the ideal place to have something quick and easy with the likes of breakfasts, brunches, rich coffees and refreshing smoothies available. Just like Triple Shot café in Sydney, these guys don’t hold back on their portion sizes and the food is definitely worth every dollar and will get you back on the right track especially after a night out. Rabbit Hole’s savoury mince on toast with a poach egg and smashed avocado is recommended.


Savoury Mince On Toast

5 The Corso, Seven Hills Queensland 4170

The Hangi Pit

The Hangi Pit is not the easiest of places to get to. Located within the Gold Coast this is more of a Kiwi tradition. Hangi is basically meat/fish, a variety of vegetables and greens, slowly cooked in a smoking hot deep pit. At the Hangi Pit, they replicate it by slowly steaming big chunks of pumpkin and potato and serve it alongside chicken, stuffing and fatty pork belly. Granted its not the most appealing to look at, but its still a treat to have. Not only that their fried bread is excellent and a great way to mop up the juices. It may not be the traditional way of producing it but at the Hangi Pit they use huge steamers or kegs. It’s definitely the closest thing to home for them and many of them still come in their droves to get a piece of the hangi. That itself speaks volumes.


Traditional Hangi

14 Studio Dr Shop 7A, Oxenford Queensland 4210

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