Coconut water is currently one of the fastest growing categories of soft drinks world-wide and with a number of high-profile celebrities cottoning on to its multitude of natural qualities, it is set to become even bigger.

UK based Go Coco is an exciting, brand new 100% coconut water that has recently launched here in the UK. Born from the clear water of Thailand’s young, green coconuts, specifically chosen for their distinct vanilla, nutty flavour, Go Coco’s unique, delicious taste sets it apart from the rest.
With a winning combination of natural Isotonic properties, a perfect balance of electrolytes plus twice as much more potassium than a banana, which plays an important role in regulating your heartbeat, insulin levels and muscle development, Go Coco is a great choice for rehydrating when on the go or at the gym.  What’s more, it is packaged in a re-sealable, plastic bottle making it the perfect natural, alternative sports drink with a growing fan base of athletes.
Dr Ross Currie, Managing Director of Go Coco, dedicated his time to sourcing the best tasting coconuts from around the world to provide 100% naturally delicious coconut water, while also ensuring that his product still delivers all the same great health benefits too. He says: “I wanted to marry up the health benefits and taste of Go Coco with the packaging, making it an easy option to have when you’re on the move and most in need of rehydrating. Coconut water actually rehydrates faster than water, so our mission is to educate people about its benefits and to encourage them to try it as a great tasting alternative to their bottled water or sports drink. We have a significant marketing plan for the year ahead, with PR and TV campaigns to support growth in sales. We are sure that once people try Go Coco it will become a regular drink of choice and are really excited about the future of the brand.”
Go Coco is 100% natural, with no added sugar or additives, making it suitable for people of all ages, and because it’s low in calories too it is the perfect drink to accompany diets or detoxes.  

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