Chinese food is all about the mighty wok. Ken Hom doesn’t travel without one and who can blame him? They are without a doubt key to knocking up good authentic Oriental food.

A.Wong, however, goes further showing that Oriental food is not all about the wok. No my friends, this isn’t a one wok wonder restaurant, this is a place that adds precision, class and quality all at the same time.

We are use to seeing Chinese food in foil containers – when it comes to takeaways- or in large bowls looking all hearty and delicious. Nothing wrong with that of course but A.Wong delivers style and substance to each plate of food. It is carefully crafted, well thought out, brings deep flavours to the pallet and looks a pretty picture.

It doesn’t fall short and like Yautcha, A.Wong is taking Chinese food to another level.

The restaurant entices customers with different menu options such as a 10 course tasting menu aptly named “Taste of China”. Here diners can sample A.Wong’s dishes that showcases the country’s many different style of foods.

In addition the restaurant also prepares the classic that we all know and love in this country – Peking Duck. However it is not going to be your bog standard style, the chefs need 48 hours notice to prepare this tantalising dish.

Both the tasting menu and Peking duck is a definite must for any devout foodie but we decided to follow our own path and destiny picking out a few dishes from the evening menu.

A.Wong’s Dim Sum basket is reminiscent of my time in Hong Kong. Sophisticated and high tea-esque, he adds a few little details that make it that extra special, for example adding a citrus foam and airy pork crackling to the siu mai and prawn dumpling. It’s steamed dumplings has a ginger infused vinegar stock inside which is clean and refreshing to the pallet.

The class and fine dining really shows with the gold fish dumpling. Yes, big plate small food and it looks ace but what’s more interesting is the slice of foie gras and barbecued pork jerky that goes with it. Foie gras may not be associated with Chinese food but it sure does work on this particular occasion.

The chicken wings stuffed with prawns are so moreish that hands need to be involved especially when it needs to be deservedly dipped in blackbean sauce. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a posh restaurant, they’re on the menu for a reason as chicken wings are made for the hands and talking of chicken, the sweet and sour corn fed chicken is the best you’re going to get in this part of town.
It’s all meat for us and we couldn’t go without ordering the Dungpo Pork. A lovely bit of braised belly, free from being fatty and greasy but instead soft and tender stewed in a sweet wine sauce.

Of course the wok has to make an appearance at some point and it delivers with an excellent bowl of flat rice noodles tossed with onions, crunchy beansprouts and pieces of Scotch beef rump as well as a dish of fried rice laced with oyster essence and nuggets of Wagyu beef, served with lettuce on the side to be used as a base.

Siu Mai with Pork Crackling & Prawn Dumplings with Citrus Foam

Steamed Dumplings with Ginger Vinegar

“Gold Fish” dumpling with Seared Foie Gras, Dried Pork & Chive Flower Oil

Chicken Wings Stuffed With Prawns & Black Bean Sauce

Sweet & Sour Corn Fed Chicken, Smoked Meat & Marinated Pineapple

Dong Po Slow Braised Blyth Burgh Pork Belly

Scotch Beef Rump Fried Rice Noodles

Wagyu Beef & Lettuce Fried Rice & Oyster Essence


A.Wong is awesome. It is undoubtedly better value for money than what you’re going to get at your local Chinese and it is not all about the sweet and the sour.

There’s a lot more to it than that. For example, the duck, how can you not be intrigued to go there and taste for yourself what Chinese food is really like in its authenticity.

It’s places like this that makes me proud that somebody out there is willing to champion food from the Far East that can stand up with the many high end restaurants in London.

A.Wong, I bow down to you.

70 Wilton road, Victoria, London.
E: [email protected]
T: 0207 828 8931
Lunch, Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner, Monday – Saturday: 5.30pm – 10pm

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