Harford’s ‘production line’ train proved a real crowd puller at this year’s PPMA Show.
The train simulation was a fun way to show how Harford’s fully integrated, but modular, factory floor information management system automatically sets up and collects data from on-line vision, barcode scanners, date coders, check weighers, etc.

However, Harford’s management suite not only analyses all this data, but uniquely prioritises it, in real time, providing instant visibility as to where the greatest losses are being made and where the best opportunities exist for performance improvement -maximum gain for minimal effort.
Also very well received was Harford’s new hand held device, operating on an Android platform, which neatly fills a gap between fixed HMI terminals and rugged IP65 hand helds. This new device is ideal for roving audits, engineer line attendance, HACCP checks, etc.

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