Heineken’s Orion and Cellar-beer dispense systems consist of a series of 250, 500 or 1000 litre stainless steel tanks, which are installed in either a cold room or water-cooled insulated beer-tank and regularly filled from a beer-truck or road tanker.

Unlike traditional kegs that rely on CO2 for dispense, the Heineken systems use compressed air from JUN-AIR compressors or Gast rocking pistons, which pressurise the tanks to squeeze the beer-filled in-liners to deliver beer to the taps. This method also improves health and safety in the workplace as employees don’t handle heavy barrels or gas canisters.

For Heineken’s Cellar-beer, a wall-mounted JUN-AIR OF312 compressor with an 8.5 litre receiver tank produces compressed air at 2.5 bar to deliver the beer at 25 l/min, sufficient for up to five taps. The Orion system uses a wall-mounted Gast 82R rocking piston fitted with an 8.5 litre stainless steel receiver tank and is capable of delivering beer at 20 l/min, sufficient for four taps. For larger venues, Heineken also specifies JUN-AIR’s OF1202 fitted with two 8.5 litre receiver tanks, which are connected in series and capable of dispensing beer to as many as 90 taps.

Summarising, Heineken’s Henk Foppen says: “We have used electric pumps to deliver beer but, since developing the Cellar-beer 2000 system in 2000/2001, the JUN-AIR and Gast compressors have helped us set new standards. They are a reliable source and I am confident in talking to them about future innovations, specifications and developments to our dispense systems.”

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