A landmark 1000th delegate has passed the Combustion Engineering Association’s Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) training course, which was undertaken at Spirax Sarco’s Cheltenham UK Steam Technology Centre.

BOAS accreditation is recommended in the 2011 BG01 boiler guidance document as the industry best practice for all boiler operators and managers, published by the CEA, SAFed and HSE.

The successful delegate was Robert Watkins, Engineering Team Leader at 2 Sisters Food Group, based in South Wales. “Training at Spirax Sarco helps us stay up-to-date with technology advancements and new legislation,” says Mr Watkins. “Not only do Spirax Sarco’s experts and facilities deliver highly professional training, but it was very useful to meet other trainees to learn about their experiences and best practices.

“For us, the BOAS course ticks all the right boxes for insurers and the HSE,” Mr Watkins continues. “By looking after your boiler in the form of good maintenance and effective water treatment, you’ll receive both a safety and financial gain.”

A BOAS certificate only lasts for five years, after which a Refresher course should be taken to retain the accreditation. Since the course’s inception in 2005, Spirax Sarco has had more passes than any other training supplier.

For more information on BOAS or other training enquiries please contact the Spirax Sarco UK Steam Technology Centre at [email protected] or phone 01242 535211.

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