Two of the latest speciality types of DuPont™ Viton® fluoroelastomers (FKM) sealing products, made with APA (Advanced Polymer Architecture), are available in the UK from Dichtomatik Ltd. These include Viton® GF-600S and Viton® Extreme ETP-600S, with laboratory tests having shown that vulcanizates based on these polymers provide new levels of superior performance in seals and gaskets for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications where FDA repeat use food contact compliance is needed.

Compared with other sealing materials including conventional types of bisphenol-cured fluoroelastomer, vulcanites made with these latest DuPont™ products exhibit advanced qualities, including superior resistance to steam, commercial cleaning fluids and many chemicals used in food flavourings, plus low total extractable metals and organic carbon extractives.

These new DuPont™ polymers, based upon APA technology, provide lower volume swell, which is indicative of maintained hardness and strength, ensuring that gaskets and ‘O’ rings retain sealing qualities while under pressure. These products are also formulated without the use of metal-based acid receptors.

Also of great importance is having a low level of potentially extractable organic carbon materials. The DuPont™ fluoroelastomers Viton® GF-600S and Viton® Extreme ETP-600S can outperform alternative sealing products such as EPDM, silicone and PTFE.