The impact of dirty ventilation systems within an organisation’s premises can be devastating, for the workforce and business as a whole. As facilities managers become increasingly aware of this important issue, specialist duct cleaning company Ductbusters has launched a risk assessment service in response to client demand, allowing companies to plan for cleaning programmes when setting budgets.


A site visit from one of the experienced team of surveyors at Ductbusters will ascertain the internal conditions within any ventilation system, measuring dust levels, microbiological content, temperature, humidity and CO2. The findings will be submitted in a written report, detailing areas of priority, advising on the scale and scope of treatment, along with suggested remedial action. This can then be referred to by organisations for the purposes of budget or planning meetings.


It is a legal requirement laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act that ventilation systems are regularly inspected and findings recorded, therefore risk assessments can be important in obtaining funding for a cleaning programme or investigating complaints over indoor air quality.


Ian Wall, sales director for Ductbusters says: “We have always provided risk assessment on request and we have seen demand for this grow over recent years as organisations look to carefully plan cleaning operations in light of budget restrictions. We have taken the decision to launch it formally and offer risk assessment as a separate, additional service.”


With over 50 years’ combined experience the Ductbusters team specialises in duct cleaning, ductwork repairs, fire damper drop testing, risk assessment and theatre deep cleaning for the public and private sectors.