When Mark Cooper started Cooper Foods in 1986 he could not have foreseen the adventure that lay ahead.

Joined by his brother Will Cooper just one year later, Mark launched the business as a smokery and, also making and selling homemade meat pies to the catering trade (with the help of a willing mother), the fledgling company started to build a name for itself. So much so that customers began to look to it for solutions, initially asking for cocktail prawns and breaded scampi … and that’s when the early morning trips to Billingsgate began!

This all happened over 25 years ago of course, but it is a story that is still pertinent today, with Cooper Foods remaining fully committed to providing customers with the products and service that they need. Indeed, with Mark and Will Cooper still working in the business every single day, the company has gone from strength to strength and, despite being in the midst of a global recession, is enjoying year-on-year growth.

There are a number of good reasons for this, not least a 24-hour sales office and preparation team, which have given Cooper Foods a genuine competitive advantage in the marketplace. In fact, with customers able to talk to a real live flesh and blood person after their evening service, the company’s reputation for superior quality products and fast, friendly customer service has fuelled not only growth but diversity; its portfolio now includes complementary products such as butchery, pastas and desserts.

Cooper Foods, however, primarily remains a seafood wholesaler, offering an extensive range of fresh fish from around the world. If you have a requirement for quality seafood then Cooper Foods has something for you. And the quality has to be right …

Exotic species, for instance, are purchased to reflect certain criteria; quality, portion cost and desirability. Exotic loins such as tuna, swordfish and marlin are invariably in stock. When cutting up a loin there is little to no wastage and therefore portion costs are easy to control.

Not everyone demands or requires the most exclusive or exotic product, but the need for top-quality freshness and the service to back it up exists in all categories. Moreover, Cooper Foods believes that native species are the best for flavour and freshness. That’s why it still buys the majority of its English prime seafood from Brixham (Devon), where there are still many day boats. In fact, certain products such as skin-on skate will only be brought from Brixham.

This is an innovative company too. Cooper Foods has, for example, been involved with the development of various new frozen products. Again, it looks for specific criteria: cost, quality and ease of use. So whether the customer is looking for a new angle on an old favourite (such as the naked bass, cod and ginger fishcake) or for something exotic (the skewered king prawns in garlic) Cooper Foods has the perfect solution.

Just like you, Cooper Foods is concerned with the issue of sustainable seafood. The company recognises the impact of its operations on the local and global environment and is committed to reducing this through developing and implementing a programme of continuous improvement, including the responsible sourcing of fresh and frozen fish and food products.

Coopers Food offers a superb range of products: all top quality, excellent value and specially prepared with the caterer in mind. At Coopers Foods, business is not just about selling the seafood; it’s a way of life. Everyone within the company takes pride in their profession and strives to bring the best selection and quality of fish to their customers.

To find out more, visit the new website at www.cooperfoods.co.uk, where very soon the entire product range will be available online. Alternatively, if you’d like to place an order or discuss any other requirements, simply call 01264 321 050.

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