As people seek better environmental packaging solutions, Bell Packaging is delighted to announce the introduction of this exciting new product which means we can now offer a complete environmental range for new packaging projects in 2021.


Traditionally biodegradable / compostable products are very expensive. In some cases the cost has been two or three times more than virgin products which often makes the packaging cost prohibitive and is therefore not widely used. There has also been
concerns expressed about the viability of biodegradable products questioning what remains after the degradable process has been completed. Biojet® answers both of these challenges. It is a much lower cost solution and has many exciting environmental credentials.

Traditionally plastic products use crude oil to create polymer which is then converted into plastic which we use to make PET boxes, tubes and clampacks. Our challenge has been to make these designs biodegradable but not affect the performance of the packaging whilst it is in use.

To make Biojet® we introduce an additive which attracts microbes that uses plastic as their source of food and energy. These microbes can be found in landfill, the ocean floor, rivers and swamps where bacteria and microbes thrive. When the microbes
meet the plastic, the biodegradation process is accelerated as the plastic is consumed. This process will only happen in the correct environment where microbes exist.

What used to take thousands of years to break down plastic now takes much less time as the microbes consume the entire product. After the process has been completed, the microbes leave behind the same bi-products as decaying organic matter – humus (soil),
CO2 and CH4 both of which can be captured to produce clean energy.
Biojet® packaging is 100% recyclable through the normal PET recycling centres.

This additive has been independently tested and complies with the Intertek Greenleaf Biodegradability Standard.
The additive used in Biojet® is 100% organic and is comprised of nontoxic raw materials which are independently approved for direct contact with food. The additive also complies with other domestic and international requirements for the absence of toxic or other potentially harmful substances.

The additive is FDA Title 21 Part 177 compliant for food contact and fully compliant with EU REACH Regulation No 1907/2006. Testing to date shows that Biojet® packaging made with this additive performs in the same way as standard recycled plastic. The shelf life, appearance, clarity and strength of the packaging all remain constant with the same characteristics as packaging made using virgin or recycled polymers.

Biojet® is a Registered Name owned by Bell Packaging Limited. Biojet® has an EU & UK patent pending and is only available for supply to Bell Packaging clients.