The new CiderLab from QCL is a simple and reliable analysis system for Cider and Perry that can measure a wide range of parameters in just a few minutes, providing real-time quality control. The CiderLab is simple to operate and can be used during all the cider making processes. Parameters include Acetic, L-malic and L-lactic acid, Glucose and Fructose, Sulphur Dioxide, Polyphenols, Nitrogen, Glycerol and Alcohol content.

The CiderLab requires no experience in chemical tests, yet allows on-site testing that traditionally can only be determined using toxic and carcinogenic chemicals by trained chemists in laboratory conditions. The CiderLab employs low-toxicity reagents in pre-filled test cuvettes that require no special disposal procedures.

The Ciderlab produces accurate and reliable results. The test methods used are correlated to reference methods and test performances have been validated by certified laboratories. It is supplied pre-calibrated and requires no maintenance. The CiderLab is a thermostated analyzer based on photometric technology that uses solid-state emitters. It can be connected to a computer or LIMS systems.

Tel: 01342 820 820

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