It’s Christmas time – the time of Christmas markets, Christmas cookies and of course Christmas gifts. In order to give your products the perfect holiday touch, Primera’s FX400e Foil Imprinter is the perfect accessory to add a shiny and luxury touch.
FX400e applies shiny gold and silver borders, fonts and other graphics to inkjet- or laser-printed labels. Virtually any design imaginable can be printed.
“Adding shiny gold and silver graphics to your labels dramatically increases your visibility on the retail shelf,” said Andreas Hoffmann, Primera Europe’s managing director. “Getting noticed almost always means more sales. This makes it easy to cost-justify adding an FX400e to your in-house label printing capabilities.” Products that can benefit from shiny metallic borders and graphics include wine, specialty and fancy foods, high-end or seasonal gift items and much more.
Other colours such as red, blue, green and yellow as well as clear film are available. When printed onto inkjet-printed labels, the clear film not only adds a professional, glossy finish but also makes labels virtually waterproof. Additionally, the clear film adds UV resistance to printed output.
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