Howard Tenens is one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in the UK with an enviable list of blue chip clients from the food & drink industry.

Excellent service levels, professionalism, flexibility and value for money have been the cornerstones which have traditionally driven the Company’s success.

However in 2008, Tenens Environmental was set up as a separate company within the Group to investigate ways in which it could reduce the carbon emissions from storing and distributing customers’ products. Three years later Howard Tenens is leading the logistics industry in environmental innovation.


Tenens Environmental

Catherine Crouch, Group Environment Director at Howard Tenens says, “By introducing alternative fuel vehicles and energy efficient warehouses we are achieving our own environmental ambitions and helping our customers realise theirs.” Dual fuel vehicles

(gas/diesel) have been rolled out across the HGV fleet and three gas refuelling stations have been installed to date, two of which are grid connected. This is the first step in reducing transport emissions; the second phase will see natural gas replaced with biomethane, a renewable gas produced from the breakdown of organic matter.

Howard Tenens believes the logistics sector has an important role to play if the UK is to meet its European carbon reduction targets. The Company is happy to share best practice; and to negate the high cost of refuelling infrastructure is offering third party refuelling at their gas stations, situated at their London, Boston and Andover depots, to those who wish to enter the gas vehicle market.


Food & Drink Contracts

Ben Morris, MD, says “Howard Tenens has a strong history of managing the third party logistics operations for many international, specialist and blue chip food and drink manufacturers.”

“This means our warehouses are food grade and HMRC compliant, operating to exceptionally high standards. We have also installed eco-friendly lighting to reduce cost and CO2 emissions.” Onward distribution is into the major multiples, cash & carry and wholesale outlets as well as large independent retailers.

The supply chain management of food and drink products can involve many specialist areas.  Ben adds, “We have invested in new systems to provide a complete audit trail of our customers’ products which equally ensures the integrity of the stock in terms of rotation. Another specialist area is the sustainable warehouse we sourced and manage for Coca-Cola Enterprises at Dagenham.”

(Aerial picture is at the top of this page).

Howard Tenens has also signed up to the Food & Drink Federation 10-point plan for greener food transport.


Continuous improvement

As well as minimising carbon emissions Howard Tenens continues to challenge ways in which the Company can create a more efficient supply chain for its customers. The Company is trialling load fill maximisation outbound into the major multiple chains by double stacking pallets which not only reduces costs but further reduces carbon emissions.

Equally from an inbound perspective Howard Tenens is encouraging its customers to use slip sheets to double stack pallets in containers; and is also investigating ways in which the pallet Ti Hi can be maximised to reduce empty space which again results in moving product more environmentally at less cost.

Howard Tenens can help make your supply chain greener by minimising cost and reducing carbon emissions – can you afford not to call them on 08702 415 640 or [email protected]


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