South Lincs Foodservice is a family owned company, supplying a broad portfolio of quality chilled, frozen, ambient food and non-food consumables throughout the East of England, the Midlands and East Anglia.

Based in Sutterton, South Lincolnshire, service is at the heart of the company ethos. The ability to adapt and diversify with changing trends, endure variable economic climate while exceeding customer expectations is the company’s major strength.

South Lincs Foodservice’s first incarnation was as a transport business in the 1930’s called Bateley’s. When this business was lost to nationalisation in 1949, the company diversified into chilled locker storage for farmers in the surrounding Fens for game and meat storage. During the 1950’s domestic freezer boom, the company diversified again, altering their focus to the emerging frozen food industry. As demand from professional caterers grew, the frozen food product range increased quickly and became the primary focus for the company from the 1970’s onwards. Finally, in 1991 the opportunity arose for the Spenceley family to purchase the business with the view to expand and develop on the company’s strengths into chilled and ambient foods. This confidence was mirrored by the construction of a purpose built depot in Sutterton, and investment in staff, IT systems, buildings and vehicles. Currently managed by brothers Robert & David Spenceley, together with a dedicated team of employees, South Lincs Foodservice offers an unrivalled choice of products, totalling in excess of 4,500 lines.

The company provides a very personal service, understanding that businesses are individual and their needs vary widely. From a restaurant that seats 200 to a café with only 10 tables, South Lincs Foodservice understands that a certain amount of flexibility is required. For example, some foodservice providers will only sell full cases of ambient and frozen products, meaning that the customer is obliged to purchase more then than they might need and then have the problem of where to store the excess. With this issue in mind, the company offers split cases on a high percentage of its ambient products, allowing the customer to purchase exactly what they require. South Lincs Foodservice is also a member of the Sterling Super Group, a buying co-operative which allows the company to procure popular catering products at highly competitive rates. These savings are then passed on to their customers in reduced prices on everyday products.

South Lincs Foodservice is also a company that adapts and changes, keeping up to date with current food trends and constantly updating their product listing to reflect the taste and mood of the catering industry. While keeping favourites such as traditional entrées the company’s buyers are constantly searching for both unusual and on-trend foods and ingredients like pâtés, sustainable seafoods, artisan breads, handmade desserts and regional cheeses. New products are introduced throughout the year via bi-monthly Special Offer brochures and a bi-annual Product Guide so customers are kept constantly updated with the best prices and new product offerings.

The company’s newest venture is The Boston Coffee Company, opened to address the growing demand for authentic Italian coffee beverages. Boston Coffee offers customers over 20 years experience in the coffee industry and provides whole bean and freshly ground coffees, instant coffee and café consumables. They also offer evaluation, sales, installation and maintenance of classic style Italian espresso machines, self-serve coffee machines and the latest in bean-to-cup brewing technology. Boston Coffee Company also offers barista training for café staff on the safe use and daily maintenance of espresso and filter coffee machines in addition to the correct way to make espresso beverages to recipe.

While steeped in traditional values of a family run, customer service orientated business, South Lincs Foodservice is anything but stuck in the past. Reinventing itself to adapt to changing demands, re-evaluating its products and searching for the best quality means that this is a company dedicated to longevity and innovation

If you are opening your own establishment or are re-evaluating your current foodservice provider and would like more information about South Lincs Foodservice or The Boston Coffee Company, please feel free to call: 01205 460700 for a free, no obligation brochure or visit:

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