Skin health and surface hygiene expert, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd launches a NEW PURELL®winter wellness kit to help achieve healthier work places this winter

As part of its ongoing campaign to increase winter wellness, GOJO, THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™ has launched a brand newPURELL®Winter Wellness Kit, available for businesses to purchase online at

This winter, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their employees and visitors – and enhance the image of their facility – by investing in the PURELL®Winter Wellness Kit to implement a proper hand hygiene system. This kit includes everything a workplace may need to get started:

  • PURELL® dispensing systems for common areas
  • PURELL® bottles for workspaces
  • PURELL® wipes for surfaces

Not only unpleasant for the sufferer, seasonal viruses such as the common cold, influenza and norovirus are highly contagious, and can spread quickly throughout offices and other workplaces. This can have a major knock on effect on business productivity, as employees take time off to recover. Up to 80% of all infections are transmitted by the hands, so keeping them clean is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness. 

In recent outcome studies, for Fed Ex and Medical Mutual Ohio, results proved that absenteeism due to illness was reduced by an average of 17% after implementing PURELL® Hand Sanitisers in the workplace.

Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd comments, ‘As a founder member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety group, GOJO is a strong advocate of the ‘total solution’ approach to making hand hygiene second nature to everyone – this includes all offices and businesses across Europe as well as those in typical healthcare settings. 

‘Winter viruses are transmitted easily and rapidly through contact with others via the hands and surfaces, yet hundreds of studies have shown that good hand hygiene can break this chain of infection. It therefore makes complete sense to implement hand hygiene measures, to help prevent the spread of germs and reduce the chances of your workforce getting sick in the first place. The PURELL®Winter Wellness Kit is the perfect entry point for this, containing everything you need to implement an effective system.’

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