Habasit Rossi, the UK market leader in conveyor belting, has extended its innovative range of HabaFLOW conveyor and processing belts to include three new products, developed specifically to improve the efficiency of food processing.

Designed for direct food use, especially in the meat, cheese and dairy industries, the new WVT-166 features a unique blue Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) textile construction. The complete TPU impregnation of WVT-166 also eliminates the need for edge seal which can be used to combat the risk of fibre loss on standard textile conveyor belts. The negative rhomboid emboss on the TPU running side of the belt makes it more hygienic than its fabric counterparts.

The new WVT-169 Felt Topped Material has been developed with a TPU inner layer to offer enhanced performance and a superior life span. The belt, which has been specially designed for bakery applications, offers improved tracking control, reduced tensioning after initial running and excellent product release. The WVT-169 can be supplied with the EU10 Edge Seal System in blue or white used to combat edge fray and fibre contamination within raw product.

Primarily designed as a check-weigh belt for the food industry, Habasit’s new FMT-02TCXXC can also be utilised in varied packaging applications. This abrasion resident Monolithic belt features a rough textile finish on both sides to allow for easy release and grip where required. The TPU construction offer elasticity and flexibility in all directions make the belt especially suitable for use with small pulley diameters and applications where oils and fats are present.

Ian Thornham, Sales and Marketing Director at Habasit Rossi, commented: “Hygiene and process efficiency are always going to be at the top of the agenda for the food industry which is why we are continually working to develop new and innovative solutions to help make it easier for food plants to minimise contamination, reduce downtime and maximise productivity.

“The innovative benefits offered by our new WVT-166 and WVT-169 belts, as well as the FMT-02TXC, make them the perfect solution for food manufacturers and processors looking to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.”

For more information on the HabaFLOW range of belts, or any of the Habasit Rossi product offerings, visit www.habasitrossi.co.uk.


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