Argelith tiles from Kemtile provide the perfect flooring for the food and beverage industries. Their hygienic qualities include strength, high anti-slip and impact resistance, low water absorption, resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, all qualities that are essential to the food industry, where the highest hygiene standards are demanded.

Kemtile have been laying Argelith tiles for over 15 years using the Kagetec method of installation and Wiedemann Technik GmbH stainless steel drains in their specifications as they meet the standards demanded by the industry.

The company can also install heavy duty resin polyurethane floors, so can provide unbiased advice on which is the best to lay for differing conditions.

Walls and ceilings can be made hygienic too by using Protectorseal, which is a reinforced fibreglass lining system that is applied and bonded directly to the existing wall surface. It excludes any air pockets and gaps that could support bacterial growth and is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

Kemtile have been installing and repairing hygienic floors for the food and beverage industry for over 30 years. or ring 01925 763045

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