If technologically advanced and thoroughly tried and tested solutions for integration of ultrasonic welding technology into packaging machinery are required, Herrmann Ultraschall is your ideal partner.
Experience the sealing modules for system integration in packaging automation lines at the show booth on the PPMA show in Birmingham, in hall H, booth 72. You are welcome to bring your own applications or material samples.

The Herrmann Ultraschall product portfolio includes ultrasonic sealing components and modules for the entire packaging industry. The precisely guided system safely seals through product contamination in the seal area and allows for higher cycle rates. Narrow seals and reduced head space above the product contents save packaging materials.

ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING: Verification of ultrasonic weldability, weld process development, test rigs, machine integration, consulting on joint design, prototype production, training, TCO analysis, start-up and optimization of production.

ULTRASONIC PACKLINE: Ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic process control, ultrasonic acoustic components, ultrasonic weld tools, ultrasonic sealing modules, ultrasonic retrofit concepts.
The services provided by Herrmann Ultraschall have been proved to be successful in many application categories such as film packaging (stand-up pouches, chained bags and pillow bags), drink packaging (e.g. film/carton), capsules and tea bags, spouts, valves and zippers, cups, blister packs, and trays.

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