You’ll be sure to be wowed by the new Super drink – Wow Cacao. It’s Super on so many
levels … Super tasty, Super hydrating, Super healthy and Super sustainable too. But the best
bit? It’s made from the Cacao fruit, where we get the beans for making chocolate.  
Each bottle of Wow Cacao is full of Superpowers including the juice of at least nine Cacao
pods which give a fruity taste, naturally hydrating electrolytes (essential minerals) and
packed with antioxidants (vital for disease protection) with no added flavours, sugars, or
sweeteners – this really is a gift from the gods. 
If you didn’t already know, the Cacao fruit is an ancient and sacred superfood, dating back
more than 5000 years ago when civilization in South America began collecting and
fermenting the precious pulp from the Cacao plant to create an alcoholic beverage. Used in
rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices as an offering to the Gods, it was considered a super
nutritional elixir that bridged the gap with the afterlife. Scientists named the plant
Theobroma – meaning “Food of the Gods”(Greek).   
For the first time in the UK, a drink has been created based on this superfruit: All Hail Wow
At origin, one selects a ripe pod, smashes it open against a tree and then slurps the
contents, but Wow Cacao offers an altogether more refined way of being able to enjoy this
delicious juice. Immediately after pod opening, the wet beans are tested and once
approved, are then de-pulped. This is a delicate process as enough liquid must be retained
to still ensure full fermentation of the beans so they can then be used for chocolate. But by
utilizing the discarded pulp, Wow Cacao actively upcycles to maximize the productivity and
value of this precious commodity. The pulp is cold pressed to extract the juice pasteurised
to ensure any potentially harmful microorganisms are destroyed before being frozen. The
frozen juice is then sent to the UK and diluted to produce Wow Cacao.  
Whilst Wow Cacao does a lot of good for us, it’s also great for the planet too. Sourced in
Ecuador, in the coastal zone of Guayas and Santa Elena, close to Guayaquil (named after the
river Guayas), Guayaquil is the country’s main commercial center and its dominant port. The
land on the coastal plain was savannah or semi-arid and only became suitable for Cocoa
when the Government opened a canal which then facilitated irrigation. No trees are being
cut down in the process of making Wow Cacao, it’s quite the opposite as the cocoa was
originally planted on scrubland that was being used as rough pasture.

Pam Thornton, Founder at Wow Cacao says: “We only have one planet; its survival relies on
us humans to look after it and we haven’t done a great job of that. Wow Cacao meets
consumer demands for a new water which tastes vaguely like its coconut competitor ,and at
the same time is ethical and kind to the planet. To meet increased global demand, coconut
water is all too often linked with deforestation, taking away what we have, to give us what
we don’t need. Cacao water is taking what we already have and wasting less of it.” 
When it comes down to the Cacao farms, all are professionally managed and regularly
inspected and have been 100% polygon mapped. Unlike in Africa, yields in Ecuador, even
among smallholders in the Amazon regions, are typically above 1 metric ton per ha, and
with no tax on Cacao in Ecuador the farmers receive 90% of the world price for Cacao,
delivered in the US or Europe. As a free-market Ecuador has been growing steadily in the
last 20 years climbing up the world rankings to now become the third biggest global
Heavenly sent, Wow Cacao does you, cacao farmers and the world good – founded by the
gods, and drunk by humans, it guarantees a halo effect for all.