This summer, following the resurgence of Government Initiatives and diet recommendations to cut down sugar intake, Splenda are recommending a sweet way to still eat a little bit of what you fancy in the summer months. ‘Sugar-Swaps’ is the word on everyone’s lips with leading experts recommending sucralose based alternatives such as SPLENDA® as a healthier option to sugar.

SPLENDA®, the original low calorie sweetener made from sucralose, is a simple way to keep sweetness in your diet without all the calories of sugar. Sugar and sugar laden foods tend to raise blood sugar levels and trigger the body to produce excess insulin which in turn prompts the storage of fat. Replacing sugar with SPLENDA® or other low calorie sweeteners limits these effects within the body providing a guilt-free way to occasionally satisfy a sweet tooth.

As well as the granulated version, the SPLENDA® Sweet Minis have less than 1 cal per tablet – and come in small handbag sized packs, ideal for busy individuals with a sweet tooth who also like to stay health-conscious.

SPLENDA® Granulated measures and sweetens spoon (5g) for spoon like sugar (5g) but has only 10% of the calories per spoon. By simply switching to SPLENDA® Granulated in one cup of tea a day can save almost 7000 calories in one year. Unlike some sweeteners, SPLENDA® Granulated is heat stable even at high temperatures making it ideal to use in baking too.

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