Love pizza and live outside of London? If so, you are in luck as right across the UK there is no shortage of
artisan pizzerias and delicious pizza pies to choose from.
So here is our pick of three of the best slices of pizza you can find the length and breadth of Great Britain

From up in Glasgow, Scotland, to Manchester and all the way down to Hastings.
Monellis, Hastings
The best overall pizza; an authentic, sophisticated and mouth-watering sourdough gourmet pizza

    Frankie & Francesca Ruffolo  

    The crown jewel of this husband and wife run artisan pizzeria in Hastings is a sourdough wild yeast
    starter that has been part of the Italian family’s heritage for three generations and has been reproducing
    itself since 1923. Under the watchful eye of Puglia-born head pizza chef Frankie Ruffolo, the dough is
    made with at least three days – sometimes even a week – of slow-rising and natural fermentation thanks
    to the controlled temperature and humidity, before being lovingly hand-stretched and baked.
    Augmented by quality ingredients, the result is a beautifully presented, mouth-watering sourdough
    gourmet pizza that is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, easy to digest and bursting with flavour.


    L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Manchester
    The original Neapolitan; centuries old recipes

    L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
    Born in the heart of Naples more than 150 years ago, L’Antica Pizzeria has had plenty of time to hone its
    craft – and the owners promise not to disappoint. The restaurant’s authentic Neapolitan pizza is wood-
    fired and crafted using the same centuries-old recipe, techniques and Italian-imported
    ingredients. When it comes to house favourites such as the Sophia Loren, a Caravaggio or a Giuseppe
    Verdi, L’Antica promises to “exceed your expectations”.

    L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


    Paesano Pizza, Glasgow
    The Naples export; bringing a little piece of Napoli to Glasgow

    Paesano Pizza chefs

    Opened in 2015, Paesano in the city’s Miller Street was the first to bring authentic and traditional
    Napoletana pizza to Glasgow. In their pursuit of honouring traditional Neapolitan ways of making pizza,
    all ingredients are sourced from Italy. The pizza dough is proofed for over 24 hours and cooked at an
    intense heat of 500 degrees C in artisan-built wood-fired ovens from Naples to produce a moist, light,
    soft, digestible crust which is aromatic and delicious.

    Paesano Pizza Oven

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