The key stakeholders in Nadorcott variety protection met with NCP (Nadorcott Protection) to confirm their determination to defend Nadorcott protection rights by all available means in the appropriate jurisdictions.

A face-to-face meeting was held in Madrid on the eve of the Fruit Attraction conference, attended by Agrimed-NCC (NCP’s representative in Morocco), Carpa Dorada (NCP’s representative in Spain), Citrogold/Biogold (NCP’s representative in South Africa and South America), Citricom (NCP’s representative in Peru), CVVP/Spain (the Nadorcott growers’ club in Spain), APNM (the Nadorcott growers’ association in Morocco), and PMG (the Nadorcott growers’ association in South Africa).

It was unanimously decided by all the participants that they will remain determined to keep defending the rights of the Nadorcott variety and to take all available legal action in all appropriate jurisdictions.

The award-winning Nadorcott mandarin variety is renowned around the world for its sweetness and flavour. 

The European Union’s Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO), which is the EU’s highest plant variety authority, has confirmed that just two differences exist between the Nadorcott mandarin and the irradiated Tango/Tang Gold variety. For instance, the Board of Appeal of the European Union’s Community Plant Variety Office found in 2016 that the only differences between the two varieties related to the viability of pollen and the number of seeds. In light of these findings, NCP views the Tango/Tang Gold mandarin as a dependent and ”Essentially Derived Variety” from the protected Nadorcott mandarin.

Speaking ahead of this meeting, NCP’s Mohamed Benbiga said, “We are immensely proud of our authentic Nadorcott mandarin. We will continue to take all steps necessary to vigorously defend our exclusive Nadorcott rights, as well as taking steps to prevent the unauthorised exploitation of NCP’s exclusive IP”.