London, UK – October 3, 2023 – Bakers Basco, the collaborative membership initiative comprising Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis, and Warburtons, has reinforced its personal protection capabilities by equipping its national investigations team with protective body armour to protect them while tracking equipment. This initiative prioritises the safety of team members who often face aggression while performing their crucial duties.

This marks a significant advancement for the company’s national investigations team and is part of a broader training program and initiative aimed at improving the processes related to investigations into stolen equipment, which may lead to legal proceedings.

Members of the investigations team have been provided with protective body armour, designed for their safety during challenging situations. This protective gear ensures their safety when confronted with aggressors and underscores the importance of safeguarding team members.

In parallel with this safety enhancement, all staff members have undergone a comprehensive training program covering fundamental principles, evidence collection techniques, conflict management, and violence prevention within the workplace. 

This initiative aims to create a secure environment for investigations while preventing potential incidents of aggression.

“Since my appointment eighteen months ago, my primary objective has been to ensure our investigations team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to handle investigations effectively,” stated Stacey Brown, National Investigations Manager at Bakers Basco. “The introduction of protective body armour underscores our commitment to the safety of our team members. This initiative is not about scare tactics but focuses on proactive prevention and the well-being of our dedicated professionals.”

In recent years, Bakers Basco has made substantial investments in technology by introducing GPS tracking devices across its bakery equipment pool to closely monitor the daily movements of its equipment. Evidence collected through GPS-equipped products, in collaboration with the specialised tactical investigations team, has played a pivotal role in securing favourable judgments for Bakers Basco in several court cases against third parties who used their equipment without authorisation. Additionally, this technology has substantially reduced losses and improved recovery rates for equipment that had been diverted from the supply chain.