The many challenges faced by the food and beverage industry can be divided into three major areas – raw materials handling, production, and waste removal. Pumps are integral to the majority of food and beverage operations, and the progressive cavity (PC) pump can deliver efficient solutions to help producers increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

  1. Handling shear-sensitive media without compromising quality

The low shear action of the PC pump preserves the integrity of shear-sensitive products such as yoghurt, cream, yeast, ice-cream and sauces, removing the need to add costly additives downstream to restore product texture and appearance.

  • Batch and continuous dosing with high precision and repeatable accuracy

PC pumps are ideal for batch dosing applications where a specific quantity of product must be dosed with high accuracy. PC pumps are virtually pulsation free so meter additives such as flavours or colours in a smooth, continuous action optimising product quality. Output is directly proportional only to the rotational speed of the pump elements resulting in excellent linear accuracy.

  • Gentle handling of solid particles

PC pumps can handle solid particles without damage. The cavities formed between rotor and stator are neither compressed nor contorted in operation, i.e. ingredients such as fruit or vegetable pieces can easily be transported.

  • Viscosity

PC pumps have excellent suction characteristics and can handle highly viscous or sticky products. For non-flowable products, auger mechanisms have been developed to constantly feed viscous media into the pump elements. As a result, media with dry solids content up to 45 per cent and viscosity in excess of 1,000,000 cP can be successfully handled.

  • EHEDG certified pumps fulfill the stringent demands of cleanliness

To fulfill the most stringent hygiene requirements, SEEPEX offers EHEDG certified pumps with enhanced internal design to ensure residue free cleaning.

  • Hygienic waste removal

Production waste can be removed in enclosed systems using PC pumps. Open hopper pumps with a feed auger and macerating knives chop and pump food waste in a single operation, reducing waste volume by up to 60% with OPEX costs considerably lower than vacuum or compressed air systems. Products such as reject whole fruit and vegetables, poultry (DOA, heads, feet, necks) and even ready meal packaging are hygienically removed through pipework from high care to low risk areas.

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