An innovative new app has entered London, after making its debut in San Francisco, New York and other cities. Founded by Gregory Scott, who has hearing difficulties and found challenges dining out, SoundPrint is a crowdsourced app that measures noise to tell diners whether venues are quiet, moderate or loud. The leading-edge app now maintains the largest, crowdsourced database of venue-based sound levels worldwide. After revealing data that 80% of London restaurants were too loud for conversation, and 50% exceed noise levels that can endanger hearing health, SoundPrint introduced a new Quiet List of restaurants for the London area. 

Appealing to cosmopolitans who also have hearing difficulties or to the average person who likes to dine and talk, SoundPrint’s Quiet List has become an indispensable tool for catch up brunches, business meetings or formal get togethers. Curated from over 1,000 submissions that have had their audio decibels measured, you can be certain that all venues listed are conducive to conversations. The Quiet List is in partnership with hearing protection leaders, ACS and leading tinnitus resource, T-Minus. 

Quiet restaurants across the capital include London classics, such as The Ledbury, Locanda Locatelli, The Ned, Tamarind and Rules to name a few. Ten restaurants in China Town also made the Quiet List from over 1,000 submitted across Mayfair, Soho, Covent Garden, Notting Hill, Fitzrovia, the City, and Marylebone. These locations provide customers with comfortable sonic atmospheres while catalyzing an awareness of hearing health. 

“SoundPrint empowers users to choose reliably quieter venues to suit their comfort level for conversation and protects against noise-induced hearing loss,” said Gregory Scott. “Many people don’t have a concept of healthy noise levels. Excessive noise is a serious public health issue with 20% of the global population having some form of hearing loss.” Sound level data from the list will be disseminated to the public health researchers and noise pollution activists to help raise hearing health awareness.  

The SoundPrint London Quiet ListTM is now available online and via the mobile app. Quiet Lists are also available in 13 US cities including New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas. For more information, please visit: SoundPrint is also a member of the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Forum. 

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