Say goodbye to Grabits® and hello to Grab It® – the UK’s favourite protein snack brand has a new name, new look, new recipe but same big flavours. The product’s rebranding has everything to do with believing that great taste should always be in reach; snacking should be healthy, convenient, and fun.

Grab It is now palm-oil free and stays fresher for longer with its extended shelf-life, and that’s without adding artificial ingredients. The ready-to-eat snacks are available in the same five exciting flavours, made with 100% chicken breast pieces with fewer than 68 calories per stick, packed with 10g of protein and less than 1.3g of fat[1]. You’ll find your favourite savoury, healthy on-the-go snack in new packaging bursting with bold flavours.

“We believe this is the best tasting meat snack in the market today,” said Felipe Castillo, director of marketing and innovation for the Grab It brand. “Consumers want a snack that’s not only nutrient-rich and high in protein but one that also tastes great. Grab It has it all with adventurous and international flavours, while meeting the nutritional values consumers are looking for.”

European demand for meat snacks continues to grow and is anticipated to reach a value of USD 1.41 billion by 2023, up from USD 1.01 billion in 2018.[2] This increase in demand can be contributed to consumers wanting more on-the-go, healthy snacks. For many Brits, snacking occurs at least once a week[3] with consumers seeing snacking as a growing part of their lives.

“As snacking increases, we want to continue to help people find healthy protein options that taste great,” said Castillo. 

Grab It can be found in retail and convenience stores across the UK, including Budgens, Londis, Nisa, One Stop, The Range and Spar. Rebranded products will be available beginning April 2021. For more information, visit  GO-GRABIT.CO.UK.

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