ATS Packaging Machinery is launching a range of capping machines for food and drink applications – incorporating high-precision tightening technology, which the company says is the most advanced available on the market.

The first model to be introduced is an entry-level version that delivers a fast return on investment, particularly for manufacturers requiring frequent changeovers or handling a wide variety of different container types.

The new Gemini linear capping machine incorporates an ATS-designed tightening system, with fully programmable torque, speed, applied force and vertical positioning of the capping head, that provides a more precise action than traditional equipment. Whereas many existing capping systems rely on mechanical cams and clutches, which limits the types of closures they can handle, the unique ATS solution is suitable for many different types, including screw caps, push-on caps, dispensing pumps and spray triggers, as well as the widest range of container sizes, from 20ml to 20 litres.

The machine is available with Ex, FDA, CGMP and UL certifications, making it suitable across all packing. For maximum flexibility, it can be specified with between one to eight capping heads, delivering speeds of up to 80 packs per minute depending on the type of container handling system. Its compact dimensions mean it can be easily mounted over existing conveyor systems or moved between different production lines.

Richard Aitchison, ATS Packaging Machinery’s Technical Sales and Product Manager, said the new model offers a cost-effective alternative to both traditional rotary and servo-controlled capping machines, in terms of initial purchase price and subsequent change-parts.

“In today’s competitive markets, new product and pack developments are an ongoing process and companies often have to move quickly to meet market trends and changing consumer demands,” he explained. “The flexibility of our machine provides customers with valuable future-proofing and the ability to respond quickly to new requirements with minimal cost.”

As with all ATS packaging machinery, the Gemini has been developed using the latest Siemens machine control technology. Standard features include remote diagnostic and service support packages, which provide preventative maintenance to maximise uptime.

The machine also incorporates full track and trace capabilities, with every closure tightening operation recorded, giving companies access to valuable data in the event of any problem or complaint in the supply chain or from the end-consumer.

The capping machine range is the first new model development from the recently established ATS Packaging Machinery Division and is the direct result of an enquiry from an existing customer in the cosmetics industry for a more flexible capping solution.

“The new Gemini is an excellent example of our solutions-based approach in the design and installation of bespoke, automated packing and filling lines,” concluded Richard Aitchison. “Our machinery development programme is focused on devising equipment that helps companies to streamline operations and maximise efficiencies.”

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