Based in Nelson, Lancashire, Riggs Autopack Ltd is an award-winning British manufacturer of high-quality volumetric filling machines. They are a UK market leader with an excellent reputation and supply their equipment to the food production industry.

The main stay of the company is their Model 1000 rangeof semi-automatic filling machines, designed specifically for artisans and small-scale food producers that require quick product changeovers and short batch runs.

Manually filling containers can be exhausting and time consuming, often meaning much of the working week can be spent in production fulfilling orders, which in turn can then impact on other areas of the business such as winning new orders and bidding for supermarket contracts.

By using a Riggs Autopack semi-automatic filling machine, there can be huge time and production savings resulting in dramatic benefits for small scale food producers. Here’s what just one of our customers has had to say:

Karen Austin (Peckish Kitchen)“We couldn’t live without the Riggs Autopack filling machine now, it’s awesome! We remember what is was like spending hour-upon-hour hand ladling our jam products into jars and we couldn’t go back to that now. Dealing with Riggs Autopack has been a delight.”

If you’re seeking a high-quality filling machine to accurately fill jars, bottles, pots, tubs, trays, cake tins, buckets, jerry cans, pouches or bags, then Riggs Autopack could have the solution. 

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