Make your dreams come true with a totally unique recipe driven brewing system. You can now run your own brewery thanks to the Little Giant Brewery franchise packages. 

If you think brewing beers takes a lot of space and can become a complicated process, think again. The company has designed and patented a system with a tiny footprint making it truly “micro” – at just 1.85m x 2.2m this opens up a whole new audience for potential brewers. Whether you own a sport club, a trendy bar or you wish to become a small craft brewer, this new system opens up a whole new audience for potential brewers. 

The fully automated brewing cycle is designed for maximum efficiency and product consistency and it is monitored via an online digital tracking software. Any technical issues are flagged up and dealt with, immediately from the Bristol offices of the company. Ingredients are also supplied to each franchisee, giving the opportunity to produce four stunning beers: FEFI,FOand FUM. Seasonal and special ale recipes can be further are also available and can be added to the system if required.

Paul Mayer, Managing Director of the Little Giant Brewery, commented: “Successful brands require a quality product that delivers genuine excitement in the market place. The Little Giant Brewery franchise package offers just that – quality beer every time with little or no previous brewing experience. With our dedicated technical and marketing support team at first hand, running your own micro-brewery is now available to a much larger audience”.

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