Leading lining material manufacturer, Selig, is to redesign the legend on its Lift ‘n’ Peel™ easy-to-open container liner after focus group surveys revealed need for clearer opening instructions.
The Lift ‘n’ Peel easy-to-open, clean peel foil is engineered to maintain product integrity and prevent leaks, while the liners can be randomly printed with a customer specific logo or design to provide additional protection from counterfeiting. Lift ‘n’ Peel is used as the industry standard on necks of milk bottles in UK and is the seal of choice for producers of packaged food and pharmaceuticals products around the world.

The research was commissioned by Selig from NSM Research Inc., and sought consumers’ responses and reactions to the foil design – particularly its effectiveness in providing a reliable seal and how easy/difficult it is to remove. For a variety of packaged food products, the tamper and leak proofing properties of the container seal scored above concerns about easy opening and appearance.

And in comparison tests, Lift ‘n’ Peel ™ was preferred over other types and makes of liner.

Of particular note, research carried out on peoples’ responses to the printed information on the foils showed that, whereas Selig has hitherto used the Lift ‘n’ Peel ™ foil to promote the Lift ‘n’ Peel ™ brand, consumers preferred pictograms and directional drawings to show them how to open the packaging correctly. These consumer concerns were confirmed in focus group discussions, prompting Selig to follow up with quantitative research on what pictogram to add.

Of three designs presented, a ‘single arrow’ style legend proved the most popular and, as a result, the company has decided to redesign its standard Lift ‘n’ Peel ™ foils accordingly


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