AB MAURI UK & Ireland has invested in 9 Pneumag magnetic separators from Eclipse Magnetics to meet the very latest food safety standards in its soya milling processes. Fitted into pipelines that feed the soya beans into the process, the Pneumags provide protection against ferrous and para-magnetic contamination of dry powders and granulates, making them perfect for AB MAURI’s processing lines.
As a global family of yeast and bakery ingredient companies, AB MAURI is one of the largest producers and distributors in the world. AB MAURI must, therefore, ensure that the soya processed is free from contamination that may be introduced into the process from raw material, or during the milling process.
As a company with exceptionally high standards, AB MAURI is always vigilant regarding contamination issues, and made a cautionary decision to replace the existing magnetic units in the milling system with upgraded units meeting the latest food safety standards. A solution was required to protect the plant at the beginning of the process, in addition to replacing 9 magnets further down the processing line.
Adrian Seeley, Production Supervisor at AB MAURI UK & Ireland said: “Our pipelines are angled, so the units supplied by Eclipse provide the perfect solution to replace the existing magnets. Our operatives have commented how much easier these new units are to clean and inspect each week”.
During milling, the soya beans are processed to a uniform particle size to produce flour. 9 Pneumag high intensity magnetic separators ensure that even the smallest ferrous contamination particles are extracted from pneumatically fed lines. Each Pneumag unit contains a double row high intensity magnetic cartridge, and is secured into its housing by quick release toggle clamps, which ensure even pressure is generated around the unique silicon-based metal-detectable seal. The Pneumag was perfect for this application due to its ability to be installed at any angle, from vertical to horizontal.
Adrian continued: “We were delighted with the service provided by Eclipse Magnetics; from the initial site survey, right through to delivery.”