Europe’s packaging one-stop shop, H-Pack Packaging has launched a new brand Hot ‘n’ Fresh, providing a colour-coded, easy way for buyers to identify products based on the materials used. This new brand reflects the packaging supremo’s recent evolution, presenting itself as a slicker operation, serving a full range of markets, in line with parent company and global food packaging brand, Hotpack.

The new Hot ‘n’ Fresh logos are in green, red, and blue: Green covers all eco-friendly materials from paper to wood and bagasse; the red label is foils and the blue represents plastics. Head of merchant sales for H-Pack, David Martin created the slick Hot ‘n’ Fresh brand. He explains why H Pack is so excited to launch this new identity: “Hotpack is recognised across the world stage as a giant of a brand that maintains market leading status as a manufacturer and distributor of food packaging materials and solutions.

“The company is renowned for the supply of premium quality products within a tightly competitive price structure, and it is keen to replicate the success of the global model in the UK and around Europe. The decision to launch a new brand is a bold move but we wanted to pull focus to the UK offering and show that we intend to stand apart, operating efficiently and pro-actively as we grow our business in all areas including catering, hospitality, vending, leisure and events; selling through wholesalers and cash and carries.”

This new brand sits as part of the H-Pack family, which is constantly innovating and pioneering with new materials and state of the art machinery and technology.

David is proud of the company’s continued commitment to its eco-friendly lines: “There is a continuing appetite for more choice and alternative materials and goods are needed to feed that demand. We’ve invested in development and have some exciting products to launch in the next 12 months. The new streamlined branding will make it easier for customers to identify what they want and is expected to impact positively on product awareness and sales overall.”  

Hot ‘n’ Fresh will be a brand trading under H-Pack from its site on the outskirts of Wrexham. For further information and for details on the products H-Pack manufactures and supplies, visit call +44(0) 1978 855595.