One year on from the launch of its Clik range, quality disposables supplier and manufacturer, Herald has reported unprecedented sales success, with this easy-to-use selection of folding cutlery now ranking among its top selling items.

Herald also supplies meal pack solutions, containing plastic cutlery, napkins and condiments, and other wrapped cutlery which have likewise enjoyed a rise in sales in recent months. The supplier is now increasing the amount of warehouse space it allows for these items in order to meet demand.

Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel comments: “We’re particularly delighted with the response to the Clik range. The products are extremely versatile and handy. They’re fully recyclable and have been competitively priced so, all in all, it’s no surprise that they have become best sellers. We knew we had a good product and the level of demand has been especially high.

“Sales of meal packs, containing salt and pepper, are consistent with food to go providers competing to ensure that their offering is the very best. Providing cutlery, napkins and condiments in a single pack is both convenient and hygenic, which is a winner with the customer. We expect to see sales of the wrapped products continue to rise.” 

Clik products are available in black and white and are suitable for an array of foods, including fruits and salads. The range sits alongside Herald’s three other disposable cutlery ranges, Carizma, Tuzcani and Windzer. 

The company’s wide selection enables the customer to shop according to style and budget preference, with products that vary from standard to deluxe.

Herald has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation. 

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