Packaging Automation are the pioneers in electric heat sealing technology and are the only supplier to provide machines which are fully electric. PA’s range of machines use proven, patented, motion control technology to maximize the speed of the machine, reduce lost time and operate without using any costly compressed air reducing end users carbon footprint.

Branston who supply retail, wholesale and food manufacturing companies with fresh and ready prepared potatoes continue to benefit from using PA’s new technology and have dramatically improved the efficiencies and reduced the cost of their process by upgrading their old pneumatic machinery to a Revolution fully electric tray sealers.

Neil Ashton PA’s Operations Director commented “To simply upgrade the technology on current pneumatic machines would mean missing key benefits and technical advances in the market which new machinery would give. A great example of this would be the Revolution seal station, which now uses minimal energy through years of expertise and development at PA.

The patented electromagnet technology allows us to use much less energy than any of our competitors and provides recharge time in between cycles. The magnets only use a small 24v supply but give 300% more sealing force. The benefit of the additional force is that we can reduce seal time and increase throughput.

The structure of the machine is critical with the increase in force so the ingenious designed frame on the Revolution allows for this. An older machine simply would not stand the force nor the test of time as technology has advanced. With our expertise in innovation we are able to stay ahead of the game and continue to provide the fastest, most environmentally friendly machines on the market today.”

PA are now able to equip customers with industry 4.0 tools that will provide management information to deliver production improvements across the factory. All machine models are now designed to incorporate a RFID authorised fob recognition system, which prevents unauthorised changes to the function of the machine, restricts operator user access to appropriate levels of the HMI screen and provides a log of changes made; Data Connect a live data acquisition and production management tool which provides a web based view of real time production data to highlight inefficiencies, compare performance across different lines and shifts to help prioritise improvement activities; Diagnostics an industrial remote access system which allows full line diagnosis of a packaging line by the PA support team to increase machine up time.

Tom Britton Engineering Manager at Branston said “PA have helped us to change our business, we have a great working partnership and their approach to projects make it possible. We have already increased our efficiencies, lowered our cost per unit and reduced our carbon footprint significantly.”

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