With solid roots nourished by 50 years of baking tradition, Midland Pie Products felt that a brand revamp and packaging makeover would help to encourage a new growth surge and expand their consumer base.

They commissioned packaging design specialists NXL Design to drive and deliver the project, tasking them with creating a brand identity that communicated a sense of both quality and tradition.

The packaging artwork was developed in keeping with a theme that is relevant to the brand name, incorporating a distinctive blue colour scheme that can be traced back to the origins of the brand.

Each SKU is identifiable with a unique colour band running across the packaging, keeping the overall design consistent across the range.

During the development process, NXL used their technical expertise with flexible packaging formats to reduce the size of each pack within the range, significantly lowering the overall packaging costs.

Phil Parkinson, head of NXL Design, said, “We have a wealth of experience working on projects and campaigns with UK FMCG companies, both large and small. We use that experience to help them bring brands and products to market efficiently and cost effectively.”

NXL’s packaging partner National Flexible supplied the printed film for the range as part of a continuous process, seamlessly transferring the project from the creative stages through to the delivery of film to the customer.

This is the latest in a long line of collaborations between NXL Design and National Flexible, increasing speed-to-market and reducing costs.

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