The Alexir Partnership have been working with the travel and airline sector for over 10 years and in even that brief period many changes have taken place especially to what is being offered onboard as well as the rapid growth in buy on board.

The move away from a complimentary hot meal to buy on board has opened up great opportunities for innovate hot snacks especially for the short haul routes, however packaging has had to keep pace to enable the snack to work within the whole product lifecycle. This may involve freezing at the point of manufacture before being heated onboard and presented to the passenger in a fit for purpose package which offers a positive customer experience. As the hot snack buy on board market continues to expand to offer an even wider variety of snacks from around the world this presents new challenges for specialist food packaging manufacturers to ensure that the product gives the same experience to the passengers in the air as if eaten at source on the ground.

Peter Hargreaves from The Alexir Partnership explains that years of working in this unique market sector has enabled Alexir to not only have a deep understanding of the market requirements but has also helped us to be able to offer specialist oven able material and boards as well as develop patented packs specifically for the travel sector.

The ALEXIPACK (pictured above) is such a pack which was developed and patented by The Alexir Partnership’s design team , it is primarily a carton board leak proof tray which is dual oven able as well as freezer safe. It self-vents and offers excellent branding opportunities and the fine extruded PET coating to the inside enables high speed filling and sealing on conventional heat sealing lines. With the current increasing pressure worldwide to reduce both plastic as well as aluminium food packaging the ALEXIPACK really does offer a viable alternative.

Snack Boxes have also changed over the last few years with far more sophisticated food item choices within the box helped by extended shelf life being offered by the improved primary packaging. The printed carton board Snack Box is still the preferred choice to pack, ship and deliver to the passenger being light weight, environmentally friendly, packs well on the standard trolley systems (Atlas or similar), gives very good product protection and again offers excellent branding for the airline.

Peter Hargreaves says that with the continuing pressure on airlines from the terminal food outlets the airlines have to keep upping their game and this is where The Alexir Partnership continues to help. Offering innovation, constructional design and packaging manufacture as well as co-packing from our own manufacturing sites here in the UK we can either just supply bespoke packaging or co-pack your products offering a full service. As environmentally friendly innovative food packaging becomes even more important The Alexir Partnership is ready to work with you on the challenges for the future.

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