Leading hot drinks manufacturer, Barry Callebaut Beverages UK is currently enjoying a steady rise in sales of one of its premium brands, Van Houten.

The Van Houten selection, which provides 26 variants of chocolate products including fairtrade, low sugar and white chocolate, sits at the pinnacle of the company’s product range. It’s renowned for providing an indulgent and authentic chocolate drink with a conscience, thanks to its fairtrade credentials and Barry Callebaut’s well-documented commitment to sustainability.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley comments: “We’ve discovered that facilities managers and vending providers are continuing to prioritise quality hot drinks, despite the impact of Brexit. A good quality chocolate beverage is an affordable luxury and it’s great to see that our customers aren’t compromising; consumers still want the very best when it comes to hot chocolate and this is where the legacy of the brand comes into play, giving the drink its wide appeal.

“Van Houten is a traditional European brand, with a pedigree spanning almost 200 years, which is steeped in authenticity and quality.” Barry Callebaut Beverages supplies a range of popular products to the UK and wider European markets.

For further information, log on to www.barrycallebautvending.co.uk or call 01244 370500

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