Cooling specialists, Nexus Cooling, have been impressing the UK’s brewing sector with a user-friendly, high-tech brewery control panel set to revolutionise temperature control within the industry. The internet-enabled control panel allows brewers to monitor and change brewing temperature settings remotely.  

Now available as part of Nexus Cooling’s end-to-end cooling system installations, the internet-enabled temperature control panel allows brewers to monitor, regulate and amend the temperature of individual vessels 24/7 without the need to be on site. With temperature levels playing such a critical role in the brewing process, the ability to remotely view and control settings at any time will be hugely beneficial for many independent brewers.

Nexus Cooling’s Managing Director, Ian Hill: “Installing the control panel as part of an overall brewery cooling installation is a real game-changer. Connecting to the panel, brewers can monitor the temperature of all their vessels via any internet-enabled device, including their mobile phones. They can even change the vessel temperatures from any location, day or night. We understand what a critical part of the brewing process 24/7 temperature regulation is. The interactive control panel enables brewers to manage this effectively and easily whilst dealing with all of the other day-to-day issues of running their breweries.”

The interactive temperature control panel also helps brewers to comply with SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) certification requirements by providing an official audit trail of historic temperature levels. 

Terry Baker, Head Brewer at Flack Manor Brewery, an award-winning, independent real ale brewery, is already using the interactive unit and is seeing the benefits: “Being able to log in at any time, check the vessel temperatures, adjust them and set specific timers is extremely useful. It also allows us to comply with SALSA and means we no longer have to do all of the manual refrigeration checks every day.” 

Nexus will be the showcasing their full range of industrial chillers and pipework solutions at next month’s BeerX2020 event. Hosted by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), it’s the UK’s biggest beer and brewing trade event, taking place in Liverpool 11th-12thMarch 2020.

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