Labcell is offering a free booklet that explains the Fundamentals of Water Activity, written by world-leading experts at Decagon Devices (METER GROUP), the company behind the AquaLab family of water activity analysers.

Water activity is crucial to the taste, texture, safety and shelf life of many foods, and can also be invaluable when developing new food products and packaging. In addition, water activity is important in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, as well as others. By understanding water activity and then controlling and monitoring it appropriately, manufacturers can achieve consistent, reliable quality in a cost-effective way, and can minimise or eliminate the use of preservatives.

The ‘Fundamentals of Water Activity’ booklet discusses the scientific origins and attributes of water activity, presents the regulations that demand water activity measurements, and details some of the most common applications for water activity – such as chemical stability, physical stability and shelf life. Numerous charts and tables are used to present data in a readily accessible way, including information relating to water activity and the growth of microorganisms, interactions between pH and water activity, and the relationship between water activity and physical, chemical and microbial stability.

This full-colour, 12-page booklet will be useful for anyone with an interest in food quality and food safety, ranging from students and technicians new to the field, through to quality managers, production managers and food scientists involved in new product development.

To request a copy of the ‘Fundamentals of Water Activity’ booklet, or for further information on the Labcell range telephone Labcell on +44 (0)1420 568150, email [email protected] or go to

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