Lewisham again? I know I can not believe it myself. First Sparrow, now Model Market. Lewisham is fast becoming engrossed within the foodie universe and here’s why.
Part of Street Feast, Model Market is pretty much like it’s big daddy. It may be on a much smaller scale but there’s still plenty of delicious food ( Ink, Mother Flipper, Petare to name just a few) to get your mouths around and not only that there’s enough liquor flowing and banging tunes to last you the whole peg.
What was once a market thriving back in the 20th century, this derelict small hub has been transformed into food stalls ranging from the almighty jerk, bad boy steaks to mouth watering gyozas and rich homemade brownies. With the decent weather we’re experiencing, there’s no better way than to spend your evening checking out this place.
My old favourite Mama’s Jerk is smack bang situated next to the entrance. These guys are seriously the bees knees and with jerk wraps, wings and fried plantain on offer, its too good of a place to resist. Their juicy spiced wings are to die for and if you like things hot, hot and hot, you’re onto a winner. I love Mama’s Jerk and there’s seriously no other Jerk that can rival them.

Jerk Chicken Wrap

Jerk Wings

Fried Plantain


Only a few doors down from Mama’s Jerk is Up In My Grill. Big slabs of meat cooked on the barbie and then immediately sliced up onto a plate along with some beef dripping fries, shallots and chimichurri. This my friends will make anyone weak at the knees and get this you get a little bit of Ribeye, Sirloin, Flat Iron, Chuck, Denver and Bavette cooked to your requirement (rare for me). However I must hasten to add, if you want it well done you might as well GTFO. There’s only two minor problems with Up In My Grill, Shin Nuggets were sold out – they look heavenly- and more salt is required. Bring out your inner Salt Bae and dust them with the rock salt.


Rare Steak, Beef Dripping Fries, Chimichurri, Malbec Shallots


Nanban has brought Japanese soul food to Brixton and is currently sharing the love in Lewisham. I’m a sucker for fried chicken so there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity to wolf it down especially when it has been given the Asian persuasion. Even though the fried chicken is decent enough – have it with the scotch bonnet miso dip- I still prefer the Korean way. On a side note the fried Jack fruit is unusually moreish.
Still with the Asian theme, the Gyoza guys make a shit load of the things with fillings including pork belly and chive, Prawn, Shrimp and Crab and Shitake Mushroom, Spinach and Water Chestnut. Bursting with filling and topped with crispy shallots soy and chilli dressing I recommend getting a variety and like their sign says its for #nosharing. The Gyoza guys will leave you wanting more.


Fried Chicken & Scotch Bonnet Miso Dip

Deep Fried Jackfruit

Pork & Chive, Prawn, Shrimp & Crab & Shitake Mushroom Gyozas


On the sweeter side of things (if you have room left after all that eating)  S.E. Cakery  have Brownies that are so sweet, I swear I was going into Sugar meltdown. The way these guys pimp your brownie is by offering different toppings as well as a scoop of ice cream. It’s hard to resist and if you’re not beaten by this monster, hats off to you.


Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookie Crumble Topping

Judging by Model Market, South East London looks like its going to be the go to place. Lewisham, you’re starting to win me over. Until next time sugar.

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