Inspired by the famous iridescence ‘Blue Steel’ pose of the fictional male supermodel Derek Zoolander, the renowned brand owner Diageo designed another brilliant bottle to enhance their bestselling Cîroc Vodka range. Diageo relied once more upon the expert knowledge of The Stölzle Glass Group, and set up direct co-operation between photographer Mario Testino and Stölzle Flaconnage, the English production site and centre of New Product Development in the field of Prestige Spirits.

Stölzle was able to evolve the design ideas of creative director Mario Testino by transforming the iconic ‘Blue Steel’ pose of Derek Zoolander into an extremely ridiculous good-looking and fashion forward bottle.

The Glass Group perpetuated its long lasting collaboration with Diageo with this bespoke, outstanding bottle, which definitely aims at the super-premium spirits market. The limited Blue Steel edition is a fun addition to the whole Cîroc range that will appeal to both fans of the brand and fans of the film alike!

Stölzle Glass Group is a specialist in producing high-end glass containers for its Prestige Spirits and Perfumery & Cosmetics divisions. Headquarters located in Austria, the Group consists of six European production plants and three in-house decoration sites.

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